biophiia • culture • technologie


Our mission is to provide our customers with a unique experience, one that is exploration, sensual feast and adventure, offering a contemporary cosmopolitan atmosphere where the old is fused and juxtaposed with the new, where antique and vintage finds have been repurposed in artful and sophisticated ways, where art and photography mingle with fresh luscious succulent plants, and where the customer will leave feeling like they have traveled to some anachronistic other world, but one that also resonates with their American origins and their nostalgic longings to find meaning and purpose in life. saṃsāra seeks to delight and inspire our customers with the unique products and services we offer, involving other artists in a venue to display and share their creative visions.  It will be a fusion of boutique, gallery, museum and design shop, artfully displaying and presenting treasures and cultural artifacts bespeaking the expansiveness of humanity and our ecological connections, a place where everything you see has a story, and every time that you visit you have some vague but growing excitement that you have discovered something.

Located at 26 Strong Avenue in Downtown Northampton, MA.